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Pulga Core V2.0

The Caninos Loucos Pulga board is a powerful microcontroller with a large number of sensors, highly secure, and ideal for IoT applications. Completely designed in Brazil, it is a completely open project. The low power board is approximately the size of a quarter dollar coin (24,26mm) and supports Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for wireless connection between […]

Labrador 64 bits

The Labrador board from Caninos Loucos is available in a version with a 64-bit processor. With a more powerful CPU and GPU, it can be used for Edge Computing and Computer Vision, artificial intelligence applications and has the ability to export videos in high resolution. Labrador is an open Single Board Computer, designed for the […]

Labrador 32 bits

The Labrador board is the Caninos Loucos’ first Single Board Computer. Completely open and with the functionalities of a computer, it is able to run on an Android or Linux operating system, access the internet via network cable or Wi-Fi, play videos, run text editing programs, and much more. The Labrador is a combination of […]