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Pulga Core V2.0

The Caninos Loucos Pulga board is a powerful microcontroller with a large number of sensors, highly secure, and ideal for IoT applications. Completely designed in Brazil. The low power board is approximately the size of a quarter dollar coin (24,26mm) and supports Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for wireless connection between multiple Pulgas. Aspects such as modularity, […]

Labrador 64 bits

The Labrador board from Caninos Loucos is available in a version with a 64-bit processor. With a more powerful CPU and GPU, it can be used for Edge Computing and Computer Vision, artificial intelligence applications and has the ability to export videos in high resolution. Labrador is a Single Board Computer, designed for the Internet […]

Labrador 32 bits

The Labrador board is the Caninos Loucos’ first Single Board Computer. Open and with the functionalities of a computer, it is able to run on an Android or Linux operating system, access the internet via network cable or Wi-Fi, play videos, run text editing programs, and much more. The Labrador is a combination of 2 […]